Steven Thomas

Software Developer

Relevant Experience

Fidelity Investments

January 2017 - Present

Associate Software Engineer

LEAP Program - Software Engineering Track.

Premier, Inc.

Summer 2015

Software Developer Intern

Created a user lookup tool using Facebook’s React.js JavaScript library.

Used Ruby on Rails implemented with JRuby to process search requests and pass them to a Java 8 library.

Used a Java 8 library to asynchronously collect user data from various sources, including an IBM LDAP database.

Used Guava features, including Optionals and Immutable Sets, to collect user data.

Used a distributed database, Riak, to store and retrieve information.

Acme-McCrary Corporation

Summer 2014

Volunteer Sales Analyst

Used third party modules in Python to automate the analysis of sales data in Excel to determine appropriate shipping information, changing the process from taking one hour to one second.

Class Projects

Mobile Development

Spring 2016

Android Apps

Developed several Android apps utilizing API features such as : UI, event handling, animation, working with sensors, location services, multimedia, and asynchronous applications.

Internet Networks and Protocols

Spring 2016

FTP Client and Server

Implemented a FTP Client and Server using Java.

Software Engineering Lab

Fall 2015

Caterpillars Count

Project Manager, Chief Architect

Manage and document a team programming project.

Use Cordova to design a mobile application that allows users to submit data.

Design a REST interface in PHP to store and retrieve data in a MySQL database.

Implement Quality Control features to verify data in an admin page using JavaScript and PHP.

Advanced WWW Development

Fall 2014

Audio Game for Visually Impaired

Used PHP to implement a custom ORM and RESTful interface to a MySQL backend.

Used AJAX to dynamically load and edit data using REST.

Used text to speech to read data in browser.

Linear Algebra

Fall 2014

Dynamic Network of Go Moves

Implemented Google’s PageRank algorithm in Python to determine the most popular moves in the game of Go.

Foundations of Programming

Fall 2013

Alice-Like Program

Created an Alice-like program with a MVC architecture in Java.

Implemented a DSL with recursive descent parsing to control an asynchronous animation of actors.

Personal Projects

Pokemon Battle Simulator

Summer - Fall 2015

Used the openFrameworks library in C++ to design an interactive game.

Used Command Objects to pass commands between classes and execute them.

Use a Node.js WebSocket library to allow users to play online by exchanging JSON objects.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


  • B.S. Computer Science
3.49 GPA
Relevant Coursework: Operating Systems, Internet Networks and Protocols, Introduction to Statistics, Probability, Linear Algebra, Machine Learning, Android Development
  • Languages:
    JavaScript, Ruby, JRuby, Java, Python, C, C++, HTML/CSS, SQL, PHP, Assembly
  • Tools:
    git, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Maven, Lombok, Guava, XCode, React.js, Theano, Keras, Android Studio
  • Agile Development
  • Intermediate proficiency in Japanese

Steven Thomas • • (336) - 512-7843